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Technical Partners International Inc.
Toronto - Canada, Riga - Latvia,

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Core Competencies



Representative Services is a service offered by Technical Partners to Owners or Managers of companies engaged in various project or commercial activities to support their activites on an as required basis using the Technical Partners experts and specialists.

These services may be of an advisory nature or completing assignments on behalf of the Client.

Internationally (outside Latvia), these services could include the following:

  • Representing the Client in his absence
  • Providing technical and engineering support
  • Providing sales and marketing support
  • Participating in or handling negotiations
  • Finding and supervising partners
  • Preparing business and development plans

In Latvia, we provide the following additional services which are specific to the Latvian market:

  • Assisting with finding real estate
  • Assisting with investors
  • Handling contracts and legal issues
  • New company registrations
  • Making travel and accommodation arrangements

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