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Technical Partners International Inc.
Toronto - Canada, Riga - Latvia,

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Consulting Services


Technical Partners specializes in providing the following services:


Project Management services including:

  • total project management,
  • coaching/training a clientís own personnel involved with projects,
  • preparing User Requirement Specifications for equipment or services purchases, or expansion projects,
  • evaluating proposals and quotations,
  • organizing projects, project information and preparing timelines,
  • preparing Project or Plant Master Files.
  • completing feasibility studies / business plans.


Monitoring Consultancy provides clients with independent expertise as to the methodology used in project work and/or the effectivity with which the projects are being completed for the following types of projects:

  • construction related projects (new facilities or renovations),
  • procurement,
  • food and pharmaceuticals,
  • operations management and business development


Representative Services extends the clientís management team by providing specialists to help meet Client objectives if a client

is moving into a new and unfamiliar market,

  • needs additional personnel or expertise,
  • is establishing a new sales or manufacturing unit,
  • is involved in manufacturing or construction related activities,
  • needs assistance with company management and planning,
  • is involved in import or export,
  • is looking for investment capital or strategic partners,
  • needs someone to fill in when the boss isnít around.

 For a complete listing of services from Technical Partners in Latvia, please see http://tpriga.lv/services.