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Core Competencies

Financial Management Services

Financial Management Services

These services are targeted at a company’s financial management systems with the objective of ensuring cost efficiency, increasing productivity and improving control mechanisms within the company.


Stage 1 – evaluation. Determine what the current situation is.
Stage 2 – analysis and plan. Analyze the results of the evaluation and develop an action plan and time table for implementation.
Stage 3 – execution. Help the Client implement changes.

What do our Clients get out of Financial Services?

Assessment of the current financial management systems, including:

The company’s budget (sales budget, operating and maintenance budgets, expenses by function, operating income, investment budget),

  • finance control - actual vs. budget,
  • internal procedures,
  • expense accountability,
  • Cost accounting practices,
  • Labor and machine standards and efficiencies. 

Identification of improvement areas within the company;

Know how of budgeting/planning /controlling processes;

Implementation, development and/or improvement of financial management systems.


The stage 1 – evaluation assignment could include the following activities:

  • qualified personnel visit the Client’s facility for between four days and two weeks to meet personnel from the Client’s side and collect information. 
  • produce a report with assessment of actual status and suggestions for future steps to be taken and cost estimates for the analysis stage. 

Timing: six weeks

Cost: depends on the company‘s size, actual existing finance management systems, diversity of products/operations. A contract price will be determined once we get some basic information about the operation.