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Project Management


Technical Partners specialty is project management.

We recognize two basic key words that lead to successfully managing a project:

•    Define
•    Communicate

The result is UNDERSTANDING what you want so that you can make sure you get it.

Why do so many projects go wrong and end up being
•    Over-budget
•    Behind schedule
•    Botched up

Answer: - because some people think there is a shortcut to using common sense and understanding. This is false economy.

How do we define “a project”. Answer  - any task having a beginning and an end. It can be as small as buying a computer to building a multi-million dollar production facility. It can include creating an SOP (standard operating procedure) or creating or reviewing an organization’s QA, financial, operating, sales & marketing policies.

The thought processes are the same. The documentation requirements are similar.

We’ve been there. Done it! Technical Partners have an excellent and proven system. Click here to see more.

We invite you to get aquainted with our system by:
•    allowing us to present it to you
•    having us present a seminar on our system to your personnel
•    getting us to help your people manage your projects

Contact us, and let’s discuss it. (press here)


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