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Technical Partners International Inc.
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An Introduction to Technical Partners

Technical Partners is a Project Management company.

We are experienced project engineers and manufacturing professionals providing project management services through our North American office in Toronto, Canada and Eastern European office in Riga, Latvia, and through our representatives in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Our Clients are typically mid-sized firms needing additional resources for their project work. We deal with project life cycles from the concept design, to technical design, to implementation while addressing efficiency, compliance and environmental issues. Technical Partners can take on responsibility for complete projects, or help our clientís project manager with their responsibil

Our extensive experience allows us to provide training and instructions for the operations personnel of our clients, whether through the development of training programs themselves, or providing seminars on project management, maintenance management or QA and compliance issues to conform to Heath Canada and other regulatory agency regulations.

Our objective.

To become a reliable and integral part of our Clientís organization providing technical, engineering and administrative expertise whenever needed so that our Client can concentrate on business objectives and profits.

Our main tools

Technical Partners uses the PM-PROformanceô System of project management, and offers this system to its clients for more effective project management.

The PM-PROformanceô System is

  • a flexible, proven approach to project management based on fundamental principles of organization and communication
  • a structured system of proven yet unique procedures and templates that still considers the human factor during implementation and that allows for the early detection of problems so that these problems can be addressed and rectified
  • promotes accountability
  • Easy to use. Easy to understand. Easily applied to many different circumstances.

Issues facing modern manufacturing facilities

Todayís issues include:

  • Cost reduction: There is an ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs. Technical Partners specializes in creating cost reducing opportunities and as well as finding those hidden, avoidable expenses.
  • Regulation and Compliance: Meeting the requirements of Health Canada, the FDA, Food Inspection Agencies or other regulatory agencies, or meeting regulatory import requirements into North America or the European Union for companies shipping goods across borders.
  • Gap Analysis: Comparing actual performance to potential performance, whether this is related to regulatory issues or operations.

Times have changed. We need to work smarter, faster, cheaper. Deliverables are most important.

We deliver.

We look forward to working with you and making your life easier and more profitable.


Ed Kalvins, P.Eng.

Managing Director

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